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Durants School




Durants Parents’ Council was created to offer a support network to other parents and carers at Durants School.  It has been a huge success and a good therapeutic forum for us all.  For parents/carers, who have a child with a disability, it can often be quite stressful to venture out into the community as a family.  Before any trips are planned, a number of concerns run through your mind such as:

Will it benefit them?

Will it be expensive?

How will they behave?

Will we be judged?

How will we get there calmly/ safely? And so on.

Durants Parent council, which is run by parents of autistic pupils, like to focus on helping families to access life outside the home in a safe and supported way. Some of the subsidised activities that have been organised so far include: Outings to the seaside; cinema & food afterwards, nights out for parents, Christmas and Halloween parties, Auction night, swimming and Krispy Kreme tour.

New events are happening all the time.  If you are interested in joining the Parent Council, Join us, give us your ideas that can be turned into reality for you and your children, be part of all the fun we share.

If you would like to be part for the Parents Council Please Contact jackie burke Durants Assitant Head Teacher or call 020 8804 1980