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Durants School



DURANTS Upper School (Minchenden) ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Durants School has worked together with Enfield Council to develop a specialist educational facility for children with autism, after acquiring the site at Minchenden from Barnet and Southgate College and approving an £11m budget for the project.

The northern section of the Minchenden site has been redeveloped to have modern facilities for secondary school pupils with complex needs of students who began studying at the school in September.

The new school provides places for 120 pupils for Year 9 to 14, and post-16 pupils (aged 14 to 19), expanding specialist autism provision across secondary provision in Enfield. This addresses an acute need within the borough.

The construction works comprised refurbishment and modification of existing buildings on site to provide modern, flexible, fit for purpose education facilities. The Farbey Building has been refurbished and re-modelled for school accommodation, including a small extension. The Mews Building has been reconfigured and refurbished to provide an art room and food technology facilities to help prepare pupils for living on their own. An open sided workshop was re-modelled to provide a fully equipped production kitchen with associated spaces, dining hall plus additional dining areas for small groups.

Vehicular access and egress on the site were improved by providing a one-way system for all vehicles on to the site. Access to the school is via the High St into the newly designed car park; vehicles then egress the site through the adjacent Leigh Hunt Drive car park. The school was provided with 37 car parking spaces within the contained car park and space for minibuses. Included in this area is a covered bicycle store.

External play spaces were developed specifically for the needs of autistic pupils. The spaces include an outdoor gym, individually contained trampolines, swings and large play equipment plus multiple seating areas.

Enfield Council are committed to supporting the needs of all our young people and believe that the new school provides an opportunity to ensure that they have access to an outstanding learning environment at the most appropriate location for their needs.



Durants promotes a holistic environment for young people with autism and their families. Durants offers a person-centred curriculum that enables all students supported by their families to achieve and forge their own path into society and adulthood.


  • Preparing for independent living
  • Actively promoting good health
  • Teaching skills for employment
  • Helping to develop friendships, relationships and participate in the community.


Values and Principles

Independent Living



  • For all students to do as much for themselves as possible
  • To provide routines, structures and communication strategies that support students to be independent
  • To support all students to be safe

Friendships, Relationships and Community



  • For all students to have regular access to the community and to learn to be able to be safe
  • Students to be supported to develop friendships and relationships that suit them as an individual
  • To support students to understand social rules and behaviour

Good Health


  • All students to have access to appropriate and necessary health care
  • Having a healthy diet and regular exercise
  • Access to services that promote emotional well-being and good mental health


  • To develop individual skills that will be useful in the workplace
  • To provide sheltered work placements in school that meet the needs of learners with autism
  • To develop and foster relationships with suitable external employers


Headteacher:                                    Rachel Carli

Chair of Governors:                         Sylvia Hart