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Durants School






Class Teacher x3

MPS (Outer London) Required for September 2024

Closing date for applications: Friday 28th June 2024

Interview date: Friday  5th July 2024

We are seeking to appoint 3  class teachers.

We welcome ECT’s

Durants School caters for children and young people with autism from 11-19. 

We are looking for  a  teacher who can fit into our committed team and who have proven skills and abilities of or can demonstrate a commitment to working with young people with autism. You must be a positive, can do person with an ability to work as part of a team.

If you want a challenging but unique teaching experience please contact us for more information and to arrange a visit. A visit to the school before interview is essential.  For more information please phone the school and speak to the Headteacher.

Please see below for job description. 

Please return your application form directly to the school at

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Teaching Assistants     POSITION UNAVAILABLE 

Scale 3 Teaching Assistants

We wish to recruit  Scale 3 Teaching Assistants.

 Durants School caters for secondary pupils with autism. 

 If you have had proven knowledge and skills of working with children or young people with autism and would like to work in a challenging but rewarding and stimulating environment then Durants may be the place for you.

Proven skills and abilities of working in similar environments are essential.

Please return application forms directly to the school at the above address by email to


All schools in Enfield are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and anyone applying to work at Durants is expected to share this commitment.


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Durants school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expect all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. The successful candidate will be subject to an enhanced DBS check and good references.

If you want a challenging but unique teaching experience please contact us for more information and to arrange a visit. A visit to the school before interview is essential.  For more information please phone the school and speak to the Headteacher.


All schools in Enfield are committed in Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young

people and anyone applying to work in our school is expected to share this commitment.

An equal opportunity employer.


Durants School (Secondary Autism)   

4 Pitfield Way Enfield EN3 5BY

High Street Southgate N14 6BN

Durants Satellite Provision Winchmore School Laburnum Grove N21 3HS

Tel: 020 8804 1980

Durants School

Durants school is a large, Local Authority maintained day school in Enfield, North London. Our pupils are aged 11-19 with autism. We are located on three sites. We recently opened a new site in Southgate in September 2019.

The main school was refurbished in 2020 by central government for pupils with autism and enables access to all facilities throughout the school. The school caters for pupils with a diagnosis autism and associated needs whose ages range from eleven to nineteen years old. 

The Curriculum In line with the New National Curriculum Statement as a state-funded school we offer a curriculum which is balanced and broadly based and which:

Promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and of society.

Prepares pupils at the school for opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.


Durants school provides learners with opportunities for enjoyment and achievement through a rich, broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum matched to ages, abilities, interests, aptitudes and special needs. Our curriculum approach needs to reflect the diversity of needs and age range of our student population. The Durants school curriculum has been devised for pupils in the Lower and Middle Departments. Our provision is relevant, fun and accessible to help remove any barriers to learning thereby allowing engagement and progress to take place.

Pupils learn through play, exploration, practical activities and community involvement. Our curriculum Programmes of Study have been developed to support pupils to:

  • Develop communication skills in speech, gesture, sign or symbol so that they can interact with other people, make choices, follow instructions and explanations and access the key concepts needed for learning.
  • Establish key skills in literacy, numeracy, science and ICT.
  • Learn to co-operate with other people, to build positive relationships and to take responsibility for themselves.
  • Learn the skills which will help them be more independent in adult life.
  • Learn about the world around them and the wider community.
  • Develop effective communication through speech or sign and to interact confidently with other people.
  • Develop self-awareness, respect for others and a sense of responsibility, so that they can play their part in the school community and become active citizens as adults.
  • Develop confidence and personal independence.


Staffing:   Staffing:  we have a teaching establishment of 35FTE.  This includes the Head Teacher, Two Deputy Head teachers, three Assistant Head teachers, and four Head of Departments. There is approximately 70 support staff working in classrooms, a Teaching Assistant for Creative Development, three Admin staff, two Premises staff, 

 We also have the benefit of input from a wide range of outside agencies, many of whom are work at Durants school:

School Nurse                                                    SCAN team – Psychology & Psychiatry                                          

Schools Medical Service                               Music Therapist

Educational Psychologist                              Occupational Therapist           

Speech and Language Therapists               Dietitian                                  


Terms and Conditions: Our Support Staff is paid according to the pay scales set by the London Borough of Enfield and agreed by the Governing Body.  A copy of the National and Local Terms and Conditions of Service apply to Administrative, Professional, Technical and Clerical services can be obtained from Enfield Educational Personnel Department at the Civic Centre, (020 8366 6565).  A copy of the School’s Pay Policy can be obtained from the School on request. 

Recruitment and selection policy statement: Working in Schools in the London Borough of Enfield is fulfilling and demanding and we value all who work in our School.  There is a wide variety of schools in the Borough from small primary to large secondary to special schools.

Enfield Schools are committed to attracting and retaining a workforce representative of the local community and ensuring equal access to our jobs at all levels and to develop all employees to their full potential.  Therefore, we put much emphasis on the support that we give through our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program.

 We are committed to equality of opportunity for all.  We do not discriminate on grounds any protected characteristics.  As an employer serving the community, we strive to eliminate racism, sexism, and all forms of discrimination, recognising that this requires not only a commitment to remove discrimination but also action to redress inequalities produced by past discrimination. Details are set out in our Equal Opportunities Policy which can be obtained from the School on request.

 We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children/young people.  We expect all staff and volunteers to share this commitment and to play a full and active part in protecting our pupils from harm.  Our Safeguarding Children in Education Policy can be obtained from the School on request.

 Our school is committed to valuing and developing our workforce.  We encourage staff to undertake qualifications, other assessed education, and training relevant to the School’s needs.  This commitment is designed to provide the school with trained, qualified, and committed staff, as well as opportunities for individual career development and personal growth.

What we expect from our staff: The community we serve deserves the highest standards of teaching and care for our pupils and students and behaviour from all our staff.  We will expect staff to promote:

  • The highest professional standards,
  • Harmonious working relationships,
  • Adhere to the school’s vision and values.

How to apply for a job in a school: We recognise that applying for jobs can sometimes be daunting.  We want our recruitment process to be clear and easily understood.  These guidelines have been prepared to help you understand our approach to recruitment and so that you know what information we need from you.

What we want to achieve in the recruitment process

Quite simply, we want to appoint the best person for the job, in a manner that is fair to all applicants.  Our application process aims to ensure we have sufficient information to make timely, fair, and equitable decisions that are based solely on merit.  As such we aim to give you the opportunity to provide up to date information about your abilities and experience, as they relate to the post you are applying for.  In this pack, you will find a job description and person specification. These are key documents that give you information about the job, the skills and other attributes that we believe are necessary to make a success of this role.  We advise that you consider them carefully before you decide whether to apply.

Person Specification: This describes the skills, abilities, and experiences that we think are needed to do this job successfully.  You should think about this carefully when writing the supporting statement part of your application form. We use the person specification as a benchmark against which we assess all candidates.  You should, therefore, make sure that your supporting statement demonstrates how your previous experience, skills, qualifications, and abilities match all those on the person specification. What you write in your statement will be used to decide whether you should be put on a shortlist of candidates for interview.  Please note that if there are a large number of applicants who meet the essential criteria for the job then the desirable criteria may be used to shortlist.   

The Job Description: This aims to give you a full description of the main purpose of the job.  The list of duties is not exhaustive, but provides an overall summary of the scope of the job, and what we will expect of the successful applicant.

 Completing the Application Form: Remember, the application form is the only information we have about you, and it is your opportunity to demonstrate that you are able to meet the requirements of the job.  You should carefully describe the kind of work you have done, and the relevant experience that you have had. Do this in terms of your actual roles and responsibilities (for example in a project, work area, or team) and give examples where possible.  We want to know about your individual achievements, not those of your organisation! Any experience gained outside of paid employment may be equally relevant, so give considerable thought to this area. Describe any relevant skills, experience, and knowledge which you use or which have helped you develop.  You may find it helpful to list each of the person specification criteria as a separate heading and explain how you meet that criterion. When outlining your skills and abilities, try to give examples of your successes and achievements. Simply saying ‘I have an understanding of….’ is not enough.

Ensure that you list all your previous employment including any gaps and use a separate sheet if necessary.  It is important that you provide this information for child protection purposes.

 Ensure you set out the information you are providing in a well organised, logical, and concise format.  Provided the information is set out clearly, it is not necessary to type, but please write clearly in black ink.

References: All appointments are subject to the school receiving satisfactory references, and the application form asks you to identify two individuals for this purpose.  References will normally be taken up prior to an interview unless you indicate on the application form that you do not wish to have them taken up at this stage. Your referees should have first-hand knowledge of your work skills and abilities and when possible have been your direct line manager.  We require your present or most recent employer to be one of the referees wherever possible. In this case, it is essential that any referee you give is authorised by the organisation to provide a reference. If you are a college or school leaver then please provide a teacher/tutor as your referee.  If you are returning to work after a career break or are seeking employment in the United Kingdom for the first time, and you are unable to use your last employer for a legitimate reason (e.g. company no longer exists), consider who could give an appropriate reference under the circumstances. For example, a reference from an organisation where you undertook voluntary work would be helpful.  Alternatively, someone who knew you as a colleague may provide a reference. If you are in any doubt about this, please explain your situation to the school as personal references do not provide objective information for a working situation.

When you return your application form please indicate whether you have a disability.  We need to know this as we offer a guaranteed interview to all applicants with a disability (as defined by the Disability Discrimination Act) if you meet all the essential criteria for the job.  Please also indicate whether you require any special aids, adaptations or conditions for your interview.

Leadership Structure

There are various groups in the School that contribute to the organisation and management structure of the School. These are:

The Senior Leadership Team: This is made up of the Headteacher, Deputy Heads, and Assistant Heads and the senior SaLT.  This group has responsibility for the daily management of the school and for leading the staff in forward planning. 

Department Teams: Department teams meet at least once a week.  Not all meetings involve support staff.  There is usually a morning briefing meeting at the beginning of the week and a longer meeting after school on a regular basis.

PPA TIME: All teaching staff has non-contact time in line with PPA. The Teachers Resource Room is available to use by all staff where there are many facilities including internet access.                              

Induction: All main scale teachers, in their first year at Durants, have access to a comprehensive induction period. The content depends on the person’s experience but follows the same basic program. Each person has an additional non- contact time for induction each week during their first year.

Terms and Conditions: A copy of Teachers Terms and Conditions can be obtained from Enfield Educational Personnel Department at the Civic Centre, (020 8366 6565). A copy of the School’s Recruitment Policy and Pay Policy can be obtained from the School on request. Please telephone the School Office. 

Shortlisting: All candidates will be shortlisted on the basis of an application form scored against the essential and desirable criteria as stated in the person specification. Candidates who only submit a CV will not be short-listed. Candidates should assume they have not been shortlisted if they have not heard within 4 weeks of the closing date unless they provide an SAE.   Feedback will be automatically offered to internal candidates and provided to external candidates if requested.


Please email Jackie Burke:  if you are interested in volunteering.



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ALL APPLICANTS MUST FILL THE Declaration of Unspent and relevant spent criminal offences OUT

Please click here for Declaration of Unspent and relevant spent criminal offences 


If you need further information regarding vacancies please email  or the school office

0208 804 1980

If you are interested in volunteering please contact