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Durants Satellite at Winchmore School


The ARP at Winchmore has been running since September 2013. The Local Authority commissions Durants through a Service Level Agreement to run and manage this service. The ARP has 20 places for young people with autism all of whom are on the Durants role. Durants works in collaboration with Winchmore to provide this unique provision at the heart of Winchmore School. We currently have two classrooms designated for the ARP, one for KS3 and one for KS4.


What is the Purpose of the ARP?

The ARP is intended to fill the educational gap between mainstream and special schools. It is intended to make suitable provision for students who have autism but also have the academic ability to access mainstream lessons. We aim to support young people to successfully manage their autism in a mainstream school so that they can maximise their academic potential. Although students will always remain the responsibility of Durants they are encouraged and made to feel part of Winchmore School. This includes wearing the Winchmore uniform and attending assemblies and tutor groups as well as appropriate lessons.


Who is the ARP for?

The unit is for young people of secondary school age who have a diagnosis of autism. The expectation is that any pupil attending the ARP will have some capacity to access mainstream lessons. At secondary transfer, students should generally be working at or above Age related expectations at Key stage 2. Students will also be expected to have enough emotional regulation to be able to cope, to some extent, with the mainstream environment. Students who have Sensory issues such as audio defensiveness and hypersensitivity to tactile contact may not find the ARP suitable.   As Winchmore school is a large and busy secondary school, all students must have the ability to cope in busy/ loud environments and to navigate the building independently.  All Students in the ARP follow Winchmore school rules and codes of conduct. The ARP is not suitable for students whose challenging behaviour presents a risk to themselves or others.

The ARP also supports some Winchmore students who benefit from the calm and nurturing environment in the unit. Winchmore students can also transfer on to the Durants role if necessary. Durants and Winchmore staff work collaboratively to meet the needs of all students.


The Curriculum

Students follow the National curriculum as appropriate studying both core and foundation subjects. The aim, however, is when we feel that a student can access the mainstream content they will be supported to do so. In addition students also access a life skills programme, including cooking, travel training and community education to support the development of important social skills.


Referral to the ARP

All students in the ARP are the responsibility of Durants School. New students are referred to us by Enfield council’s Special Educational Needs department. Students can be placed directly into the ARP if they are suitable. Alternatively students may initially be placed at Durants and can then make the transition at a later date when they are ready. In the event that a pupil struggles in the ARP they may be transferred back to Durants if the Head of ARP or Headteacher of Durants feels it is in their best interests.



The ARP is run by experienced teachers from Durants who are supported by a team of experienced teaching assistants who have also worked extensively with students with autism. Staff work closely and collaboratively with Winchmore school staff, particularly the schools Learning Support department.  


Access to Mainstream

All students are based in the ARP. The aim is for all students to access the mainstream facilities at Winchmore as much as possible. All decisions on what sessions are accessed are based on the individual needs of each pupil. Some students may go to one or two sessions with support whilst others may access English and Maths with no support.

All students are allocated to a form group which they attend before lunch each day and for PSHE on Wednesdays. All students have lunch in the main school dining room and then go to one of three playgrounds to mix/ interact with their friends/ other students. All students are encouraged to access what they feel they can manage. However, we ensure that students are stretched and challenge themselves as much as possible.



In the ARP students will be working towards Entry Level and AQA unit awards.

At KS3 students will work through a broad and balanced curriculum to prepare them for AQA unit awards and Entry Level certificates in KS4. Some students may gain some AQA unit awards at KS3 which are built on in KS4.

The KS4 curriculum is comprised of AQA unit awards for all subjects and Entry Level Certificates in English, Maths, Science and PSE.

Where appropriate, students who are able to access mainstream lessons and content will be able to work towards their GCSEs. In years 10/ 11, some students may have the opportunity to undertake work experience placements and the Duke of Edinburgh Award at Bronze level.  


Visits to the ARP

Visits to the ARP are always encouraged by both parents and students. These can be arranged by contacting the Headteacher at Durants, Rachel Carli, or directly to the head of ARP, Jamie Thaxton, who will arrange to show you around.


Placements in the ARP

Students are allocated a place in the ARP by the SEN department of Enfield Council. They will make referrals to the unit following applications by parents and Durants will assess whether they can meet the needs of the young person.

Our admissions criteria are as follows:

  • The child has an Education, Health and Care Plan
  • The child is able to access education within a mainstream, age appropriate class, with some support (should be working within KS2 levels as a minimum)
  • The child is likely to be able to cognitively access some mainstream qualifications in the future, such as GCSEs
  • The child is able to manage their own personal care and self-help needs independently, except in cases of exceptional medical conditions


For further information about the provision or admissions criteria, please contact

Durants School on 0208 8041980