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Durants School



Durants School Ethos

Durants School Vision

Durants promotes a holistic environment for young people with autism and their families. Durants offers a person-centred curriculum that enables all students supported by their families to achieve and forge their own path into society and adulthood.

  • Preparing for independent living
  • Actively promoting good health
  • Teaching skills for employment
  • Helping to develop friendships, relationships and participate in the community.


Values and Principles

Independent Living



  • For all students to do as much for themselves as possible
  • To provide routines, structures and communication strategies that support students to be independent
  • To support all students to be safe

Friendships, Relationships and Community



  • For all students to have regular access to the community and to learn to be able to be safe
  • Students to be supported to develop friendships and relationships that suit them as an individual
  • To support students to understand social rules and behaviour

Good Health


  • All students to have access to appropriate and necessary health care
  • Having a healthy diet and regular exercise
  • Access to services that promote emotional well-being and good mental health


  • To develop individual skills that will be useful in the workplace
  • To provide sheltered work placements in school that meet the needs of learners with autism
  • To develop and foster relationships with suitable external employers