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Durants School



Durants School Ethos

Durants School Vision

Promoting equal opportunities for young people with autism so that they achieve their full potential by encouraging growth and independence in a challenging, safe and supportive learning environment.

  • Developing independence
  • Understanding individual needs
  • Realistic, challenging and achievable goals
  • Autism friendly environment
  • Nurturing positive growth
  • Teaching and Learning​​​​​​​
  • Safe and supportive

 Values and Principles

Be Healthy



  • Promote a healthy lifestyle

  • Work as a team with parents and other professionals

  •  Promote emotional well-being

Stay Safe



  • Safety awareness for all

  • Don’t be risk averse

  • Promote a nurturing environment

Enjoy and Achieve



  • Education must be fun, motivating and challenging

  • Learning must be realistic and personalised

  • Build on interests and achievements

Make a Positive Contribution


  • Develop strengths

  • Enable everyone to be successful

  • Listen to our pupils

Achieve Economic Well-Being


  • Education is about preparing pupils for life

  • Be part of and actively participate in the community

  • Promote citizenship and provide realistic opportunities