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Durants School



Middle Department

The key aim of our curriculum is to support the development of skills for our learners both academically and personally in a safe and fun filled environment. To ensure this is achievable each class adopts a ‘Total Communication’ approach, which strives to gives all of our pupils a voice (despite their level of need).  The department places a great emphasis on the development of communication skills and ensures that in all lessons, pupils are supported by suitable communication aids for example Language boards, communication books, PEC’s books etc. As a school we are aware of the importance of our pupils’ having a voice (as this helps their independence) and this is something we strive to give them throughout their time at Durants.

In the Middle Department we follow the Durants Programme of Study for our core subjects Maths, English and Science. This is a tailored scheme of work that has been developed from the National Curriculum to ensure that all of our pupils have a diverse learning pathway suited to their individual need. In Maths some of our pupils follow the AQA Entry Level (1, 2, 3) scheme of work. This is an award scheme that has clear outcomes that need to be achieved and if successful our pupils have the possibility of achieving an Entry Level Certificate. 

We also follow the ASDAN Transition Challenge scheme of work. This is a PSHE tailored scheme of work that encapsulates all other areas of the curriculum and ensures that our pupils are developing the necessary life skills to help them become as independent as possible. A lot of our ASDAN topics are supported by exploring the local community, which provides the opportunity for our students to transfer their class taught skills in the real world.