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Durants School



National Autistic Society Accreditation

The NAS’s Autism Accreditation award is the UK’s only autism-specific quality assurance programme of support and development for all those providing services to autistic people.


Staff at Durants have been working hard since spring 2022 on achieving the NAS accreditation.  In May 2023, the NAS assessors carried out a one week, rigorous accreditation assessment.  Staff presented to the NAS assessors, all the excellent autism practice delivered at Durants. The NAS assessors observed various teaching sessions in all classes at Pitfield, Southgate and at the Satellite provision.  They interviewed senior leaders who explained the curriculum, assessment, PBS, autism specific practices and pupil’s wellbeing.   They also collected the views of current parents and pupils.  Five families were telephoned by the assessors and the NAS reported that all parents were very happy with the information sharing and student progress (P11 of the NAS accreditation report).  The NAS reported the outcomes of the Parents survey  


The NAS also reported that a number of parents wrote some additional comments

The NAS reported the outcomes of the pupil’s questionnaire, reporting that most pupils were happy with the support they received.


Durants is pleased to announce the successful achievement of NAS accreditation.  All the staff at Durants are proud, to be recognised for all the support given to Durant’s pupils and their families. 


Being an NAS accredited school means that families can be, assured that staff at Durants will work in an Autism friendly way to help their child overcome or manage the difficulties and challenges that Autism can present them and their families.  Being an NAS accredited school also means that the NAS will support the school with future ongoing development and training and help the school continually strive for the best possible outcomes for their pupils.